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What We Do

Liberated Electronics Organization is a passionate startup that provides software and hardware engineering solutions that enhance and liberate consumer interactions with smart-phones and other portable computers. Liberated Electronics Organization creates useful applications for smart-phones and portable computers as well as devices that work in conjunction with these electronics. Liberated Electronics Organization believes these products should be an extension of their user, making everyday actions easier and more in depth.

Liberated Electronics Organization produces smartphone applications (apps) that are games, useful non-game apps, or integrated apps that link the smartphone to an external device. Application games will be produced for entertainment value for all ages. Useful non-game apps will help get the user valuable information quickly and easily. Integrated applications will be directed toward enhancing and speeding the everyday electronic interfaces of our customer.


Liberated Electronics Organization takes customer relationships seriously. We have multiple ways of receiving user feedback. One is through the marketplace that tracks bugs and defects that users discover. The second is one on one email access to us so we can directly engage with our customers. Each application we develop has our website and email information. Most upgrades to our applications are a result of customer interaction. Have any ideas you would like to share with us? Please feel free to email us. We might be able to create something for you.